Welcome to the Netherlands

Public Library Theek 5 will help you on your way. On this page you can read how we can help you and what services you can make use of in the library.

Welcome to the Netherlands

What have the Theek 5 libraries got to offer?

Opening hours
Our staff members are there to answer any questions you may have and to give advice. Theek 5 are 11 libraries in total. Check our libraries and their opening hours here. 

Free wifi
In all Theek 5 libraries you have access to free wifi, so you can use the internet with your own laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Free work stations
Public Library Theek 5 can offer you a comfortable work station with easy access to all kinds of facilities and information. You are most welcome to use our modern facilities. Work stations, both with or without a computer, are available at all Theek 5 libraries (except for Lage Zwaluwe).

Free use of computers
In all Theek 5 libraries computers are available for free for the public. If you wish to search information on the internet or make a print, for example, feel free to do so!

Copies, prints and scans
In all our libraries a copier is available that can provide copies, prints or scans. There is a small charge for prints and copies.

Free membership for childeren

Children from 0 to 18 can borrow juvenile books and magazines, e-books*, audio-books, jigsaws, DVDs and comics completely free of charge! Our collection also offers foreign language children’s books and we are trying to make children’s books in Ukrainian available as soon as possible. You can apply for a children’s membership card at any Theek-5 library.

* at a maximum of 10 e-books and 10 audio-books altogether for a period of 3 weeks.

Book Start box
For children from 0 to 2 you can come and collect the Book Start Box in the library. In the box you will find two nice books and some useful tips and information on how to make a start reading books to your child(ren). The Book Start Box is available at all Theek 5 libraries free of charge.

Learning Dutch

Meeting points and Meeting Room

Are you trying to learn Dutch and would you like to practise? Come to a Meeting Point or a Meeting Room in Theek 5! Have a chat with other visitors about all kinds of things. You will be helped by volunteers who can answer all your questions about the Dutch language. Come and have a cup of tea or coffee and meet each other.

Children are welcome, too. You don’t have to apply, just come in when you feel like it.


Time and place

Meeting Point Oosterhout
Public Library Theek 5 Oosterhout

Activiteitencentrum Slotjes, Slotjesveld 15 Oosterhout, room 8

Every Monday from 10.00 to 11.30.

Every Wednesday from 10.30 to 12.00. 

Meeting Room Gilze
Public Library Theek 5 Gilze

Every Thursday from 13.00 to 14.30.
Meeting Room Rijen
Public Library Theek 5 Rijen

Every Friday from 14.00 to 15.30.

Meeting Point Baarle
Public Library Theek 5 Baarle Nassau-/Hertog

Every Wednesday from 9.30 to 11.30.

List of internet links in Ukrainian available to children

To help children (parents and other people working with them) we have created a list of internet links to free materials, such as Ukrainian fairy-tales, e-books, audio-books and printable educational materials aimed at children, such as memory games.

Picture books in all languages ​​- Ukrainian

Listen to audio-translations of beautiful picture books in your own language. These translations have been lovingly made by volunteers who read the stories to you in these audio-books for you to enjoy.

Go to the picture books
Picture books in all languages ​​- Ukrainian